Diane DeVries, owner and designer at Digrafika

Digrafika LLC was formed in 2004. Fun, fresh, professional, creative, simple and functional designs are my specialty. I most enjoy participating in brand-storming sessions, coming up with different ways to make your company’s brand stand out. I love new design ideas, fresh looks, and creative inspiration. Graphic design, illustration, and a special kind of brand-storming make up my day to day activities. I can’t stop thinking about colors, shapes, and lines.

I like to use my experience drawn from advertising, pre-press production, graphic design, photography, and editing in every aspect of my design work. I enjoy involving my clients in the creative process.

A few of my favorite things :: Travelling; singing; Griffin, my black lab; my camera; kayaking; yoga; learning new tricks on my computer; cooking; laying in my hammock; life

Digrafika defines its goals by the following statements:

Purpose – Digrafika exists to provide practical design and print media solutions to small and emerging businesses.
Vision – Digrafika will provide the most complete design services in their class. By focusing their efforts on small businesses, Digrafika’s name can become synonymous with solutions for small business.
Mission – Digrafika will enable our clients to communicate their vision and mission, and product features and benefits, through creative yet practical graphic design, printed and digital media, and other strategies.

Digrafika specializes in designing printed marketing materials and logos

Logo Design, Business Stationery and Promotional Items, and more

In recent years the marketing and advertising industry has seen lots of change – change in technology, change in design trends, but one thing that hasn’t changed is this:

Your business is unique, with its own needs and identity.

In order to design marketing pieces which will convey your message, there must be a meeting of the minds between a business owner and the designer. This comes from listening, questioning, and more listening.

Digrafika encourages close communication between customer and designer. The design process is based on important information you provide about your company’s mission or philosophy. We will be happy to advise you or answer any graphic design or printing questions you may have.

Our Specialties

Digrafika specializes in creating images that build your business. We provide small businesses and organizations with a one-stop-shop for all their advertising and marketing needs, from logos to brochures and business stationery. We’ll even help order the printing.

When Digrafika takes on a new client, that client doesn’t just get a new logo, business card or brochure. They get a marketing partner who is at their disposal. Read some testimonials from my loyal clients.