Clean, streamlined designs really make an impression

A business card, brochure, postcard, website, promotional items: What does each tell you about a business? Is there a common theme, and recognizable logo on each item? Does a professional, uncomplicated look help you decide where would you rather shop and which business you’re more likely to trust?

When customers trust your business, they believe you are more likely to deliver products and services with honesty and integrity, and they believe they will have an overall pleasant experience. They will likely tell a friend about that experience.

The mission of your logo, stationery, website, and marketing materials is to express credibility. Your customers need to feel they are choosing an established company who they can believe in and rely on. Your professional, clean, coordinated look should appear on everything a prospective customer sees.

If your materials appear too cluttered with mixed messages, disconnected by using too many colors and fonts, or unbalanced, it’s time to hire a designer to create a professional look for your business. Create a reason to believe in your company by paying closer attention to your company’s appearance, and your customers will have an easier time deciding who to trust.