Custom Note Pads

Custom designed and printed note pads or scratch pads are a great giveaway or promotional item, and are also perfect for corporate gifts and employee recognition. Give them away at trade shows or events. Or leave behind for a top client. This product is packed with value. They are a useful item that keeps your name in front of clients for a long time. The pad will sit on your client’s desktop where they will be reminded of your company daily as they write a to-do list or memo. Or your client will carry it with them to meetings, showing it to potential referrals for your business. This product is suitable for nearly every business. For an add-on to corporate gift baskets or employee holiday gifts, go beyond cheap custom notepads and toss a customized personalized note pad in the package.

Note pads come in a variety of sizes, colors, and paper. Note pads can be printed with as many pages per pad as you’d like, though we usually recommend 50 or 100 sheets per pad. The pads can be printed in one, or multiple ink colors. Nearly any paper type can be used in the pad, from bright colors, to recycled or eco-conscious paper. Based on a standard sheet of paper, we suggest quarter page, half page, or full page note pads.

The best promotional item to be passed around is the one that will get used repeatedly. A note pad is a great investment for your marketing dollars.

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    1. You are welcome. I enjoy receiving note pads from my colleagues. They fit well in my computer bag, and I can promote their business while I take notes!

    1. I agree. I often write short notes to people on pages from custom branded notepads. I don’t mind promoting other businesses I enjoy working with, and I hope they’ll promote my business as well!

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