Establish a Strong Visual Image with Personal Branding

Good professional branding has to be dynamic, authentic and innovative. It has to be dynamic because the business environment is changing fast. It has to be authentic (your unique personal assets and soft skills) because it will make a difference and contribute to your company’s success. It has to be innovative because this is how you can contribute something unique compared to other professionals.

We invest a lot of time, effort and money into learning or upgrading our skills for the job or setting up our own businesses – why not invest some time and effort into ourselves? – making the most of what our natural image is.

  • Brand all letterhead, newsletters, email messages for a professional image – be unique in your efforts
  • Personal branding – establish a strong visual image – be aware of grooming and professional dress sense in your industry, walk tall, wear a nametag
  • Self image – be conscious of your habits (are there things you need to work on?), develop self-confidence and charm – smile!

Learn how to develop your professional image and present yourself in a way that is unique to your person.