Logos and Print

Logo Design

Wicked SharpWe love designing logos. To successfully brand your business, you should project an image of strength and stability. Customers need to trust that you can and will deliver on your promises. They have to feel comfortable with you.

Simply telling your customers you stand behind your products and services may not always be enough. When your marketing materials scream “amateur” it becomes difficult to convince prospects that you’re different from their serious about offering a quality service for them.

The cardinal rule to looking professional is to coordinate your promotional materials–from your business cards to your website and everything in between. If your marketing materials don’t match, potential customers may believe they’re looking at different companies. Here are four easy ways to tie your marketing materials together: 

1. Create a clean and uncomplicated logo.

2. Make one color yours.

3. Work with only one or two fonts.

4. Stay the course.

Nowadays, your company’s actual size may not matter, but its perceived size does. And looking big will pay off big-time.

Graphic Design for Printed Marketing Materials

Business Stationery

Pit Bull Painting Doorhanger and Business CardAfter you have a logo designed, you may want to consider a business stationery package. We can create several samples which incorporate your new logo and your contact information. Your logo can be used on business cards letterhead, notepads, business or return envelopes, labels, and more. Depending on the package you have chosen, we will provide you with file templates of your new letterhead, envelope, and business card, to take to your printer.

Often we suggest having several items printed at once because it saves money and time in production. Letterhead and envelopes, and even some business cards, can be printed in succession using the same inks. Depending on what your printing needs are, we can arrange to have your stationery printed, or make suggestions where to take your designs for production.

Brochures, Postcards, Rack Cards, Flyers

Digrafika Print Samples

Brochures or flyers are usually the most important part of a company’s marketing communication toolkit. No matter how great the product or service or how polished the sales team, a brochure that communicates well what the company does and how well it does it may determine whether or not a potential customer will decide to buy. A rack card is all about being brief and to the point, but also provides enough information about the product or service while conveying the right feeling about the company and the people who run it. A postcard campaign provides the vital “touches” a company needs to stay visible to its client base. Digrafika can design and implement an effective campaign for your company, no matter how small it is.

Custom Design

If you have a need for a custom design, we will be happy to discuss your plans. You may discover a need for a custom “thank you” note, a postcard or flyer, an ad for a newspaper or magazine. We can also create business forms that contain custom elements.

We can accommodate your promotional needs. We offer a variety of pens, Post-it® notes, labels and more that are customizable with your company name and information. We can offer several suggestions for marketing your services.

If you are interested in one of these services, please contact Digrafika with your request and we will provide you with an estimate.