Promote the health of your brand and the environment

Earth Day, April 22, is observed in 175 countries and is celebrated by more than a half billion people every year. Earth Day is considered a day of action for changing human behavior and provoking policy changes.

Arbor Day, celebrated every year on the last Friday in April, encourages everyone to plant and care for trees. The customary observance is to plant a tree.

What does this mean for your business?

You can help encourage people to conserve and save our planet with eco-friendly giveaways. Many companies produce environment-friendly promotional products made of recycleable material that you can customize with your name and logo. Use these items as tradeshow giveaways or customer gifts.

Several promo product companies supply strictly environmentally responsible merchandise guaranteed to project your environmental goals.

Need ideas for products on which to emblazen your logo?

Pens and other traditionally plastic items made with biodegradable corn or recycled paper
Water bottles or travel mugs made from BPA-free plastic
Recycled paper notepads or Post-its
Toys like wooden yo-yos, recycled plastic flying discs, globe stressballs
Solar powered gadgets and chargers
Organic tote bags
Apparel made from organic cotton or bamboo, or recycled materials

Most promotional item companies will help you make decisions on environmental products that help communicate your choices and goals. Just be sure your logo is provided in the proper file format, usually as a vector file, so as not to incur additional setup fees from the promo company. If you’re not sure about your logo’s format, contact a graphic designer to review the proper file type with you.


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