Do you have a marketing plan for 2010?

It seems early to be thinking of next year, but planning now will save headaches in the future. Companies often undervalue the impact of a marketing plan on their own people, who want to feel part of a team engaged in an exciting and complicated joint endeavor. People don’t always understand financial projections, but they can get excited about a well-written and well-thought-out marketing plan.

We all know that plans are imperfect things. How can you possibly know what’s going to happen 12 months or five years from now? Isn’t putting together a marketing plan an exercise in futility…a waste of time better spent meeting with customers or fine-tuning production? Possibly, but an inaccurate plan is far better than no plan at all. Without a marketing plan, you’ll wander the sea of advertising and promotion aimlessly, sometimes finding dry land but more often than not floundering in a vast ocean. Sea captains without a chart are rarely remembered for discovering anything but the ocean floor.

Digrafika is prepared to participate in a marketing plan for your company, any size and any budget, annually, simplifying your marketing, promotional, and passive income processes. Ideally, after writing marketing plans for a few years, you can sit back and review a series of them, year after year, and check the progress of your company.

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Source: The Small Business Encyclopedia and Knock-Out Marketing