New Website Launched for Buying a Business in Atlanta

buy-sell-atlanta-snapshotDigrafika enjoyed the opportunity to work with Tom Burdick and Roger Parker on the design and launch of the new site Buying a Business in Atlanta. Design, layout, functionality, and content were brainstormed with Roger Parker.

One requirement was a portal for each of their three primary business areas:

  • Buying a business in Atlanta
  • Selling a business in Atlanta
  • Marketing to enhance the value

Additional required features:

  • Branded Header  – Custom designed header would also be used on newsletter, reports, and worksheets
  • Portal Pages – Provide an easy place for the user to find exactly what they need right from the homepage
  • Blog – Tom wanted to be able to share his expertise through writing articles
  • Resources/Links/Opt In – Users can download worksheets, and eventually opt in for emailed weekly tips

Thank you Tom Burdick and Roger Parker for the opportunity.


2 thoughts on “New Website Launched for Buying a Business in Atlanta”

  1. Dear Diane:
    Thank you for the great job you did on Tom’s website.
    Your design and execution were 100% on target and on time.
    I especially appreciate the time you spent listening to, and understanding, Tom’s goals and requirements before starting to work.

    1. Roger, you are most welcome. Thank you for the praise. It was a pleasure to work on the new website. It was helpful to know what Tom’s goals for the site and design were, prior to beginning the project. I appreciated the open communication throughout the process.


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