4 Easy Ways to Tie Your Marketing Materials Together

To successfully brand your business, you should project an image of strength and stability. Customers need to trust that you can and will deliver on your promises. They have to feel comfortable with you.

Simply telling your customers you stand behind your products and services may not always be enough. When your marketing materials scream “amateur” it becomes difficult to convince prospects that you’re different from their serious about offering a quality service for them.

The cardinal rule to looking professional is to coordinate your promotional materials–from your business cards to your website and everything in between. If your marketing materials don’t match, potential customers may believe they’re looking at different companies. Here are four easy ways to tie your marketing materials together:

1. Create a clean and uncomplicated logo.
Your logo should be easy to remember, be resized without losing detail, and work in one color (such as in a fax or on a pen). The logo should be unique and meaningful and appear on all your marketing materials.

2. Make one color yours.
Choose a color–preferably one from your logo–and use it throughout your marketing materials. Color plays a huge role in memory recall.

3. Work with only one or two fonts.
Fonts, like colors and graphics, project different images.

4. Stay the course.
Just about the time you’re getting sick of your brand standards, your brand starts resonating with your customers. Don’t be tempted to introduce a new color or unusual font selection. Remind yourself that while consistency isn’t always fun, it’s the proven path to branding success.

Nowadays, your company’s actual size may not matter, but its perceived size does. And looking big will pay off big-time.